The Light of the Imam

November 8, 2007 at 1:35 am (personal interpretations, poems)

The Light of the Imam 

Ulimately there is only Reality (Allah):

it is beyond creation and non-creation;

it is beyond life and death;

it is beyond the infinite and the finite;

it is beoynd knowledge and ignorance;

it is beyond pleasure and pain;

it is behond heaven and hell;

it is beyond nirvana and samsara

it is beyond the One and the many;

and yet the Real can be known.

From the very beginninglessness

the Real has shown its Light

and that Light manifested itself in the world of form.

From Imam Adam to Imam Karim Aga Khan IV

there has never been a time

when this world was without the Light.

The Imam’s Light reaches out

and sparks up the divine light within.

Light upon Light

and so we are raised up,

awakening into Reality  


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Qiyamat Day August 8th 1164

August 8, 2006 at 5:35 am (poems, Uncategorized)

A post of an old poem I wrote about the Qiyamat:


Catching glimpses of gnostic insight;

inuitive lightning illuminates my soul.

Deep inside,

I can still hear the thunder,

the voice of Imam Hasan II,

the Lord of the Resurrection.

Banners blowing in the wind,

he issues a call to us

to join the feast.

He removed from us the burdens of the law

proclaiming the Qiyamat (the Great Resurrection),

he shared his wine with us.

Even now the wine still pours,

the resurrection of resurrections has not ceased.

Awakening to faith is freedom from oppression

in this body, in this time.

by Jim Davis

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