A Modern Ismaili Prayer

June 24, 2008 at 2:59 am (Uncategorized)

An Ismaili Prayer and Ginan to the current Imam


Our Lord Nur Mawlana Shah,

Karim al-Husayni Hazar Imam!

We humble students pray to thee:

Give us your divine guidance to discharge our duties!

Give us the courage and strenght to obey the holy firmans!(1)

Our saviour,

have mercy upon us

and bless us with the holy Nurani Didar(2) in this world

and the next.


There is no salvation without our imam.

O ‘Ali! O ‘Ali! (3)

Better than written guidance, (4)

we have the living imam. (5)

O ‘Ali! O ‘Ali!

All-wise, omniscient, sinless.


The imam will give the kingdom to his followers

and they will rule until eternity.

Pay dashond

and obey his incarnation.

After these good deeds the soul attains salvation.

Pay your tithes to our teacher, the imam;

it will help you to secure salvation, bliss and happiness.

Without it you may be reborn 10,000 times.

O believers!

Pay your dues to our Lord accurately.

You will be doubly rewarded for all the things you offer.

O believers!

Come to the jamatkhana

and drink the water of purity.


While serving him devoutly

we recognize him as imam.

Only those who give all the dashond which they owe,

only those who sacrifice all they possess with love,

only they are the true believers.


He is true and just.

He is pure and sinless.

He is our gracious Lord,

sustainer of creation.

He is the judge of judgement,

the maker of us all.

Serve the imam,

we are his servants.

There is no salvation without the imam.

He is all in all.

O ‘Ali!


O Karim al-Husayni! Forgive our sines. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Fulfil our wishes. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Remove our troubles. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Overcome the enemies of our faith. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Grant us a temporal and spiritual glimpse. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Grant us health for our sick. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Grant is goodness to know you and belive in you. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Keep us perfect in partaking in sukrit and in paying dashond. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Make the community prosperous by giving them long life, wealth and       children. Ameen.

O Karim al-Husayni! Please bless those that give money generously. Ameen.


(1) These are the religious teachings of the imam which are binding upon all Ismailis. Only the firmans of the living imam or imam of the time are authorative. This allows the imam of the time to adapt the faith to new times and situations without being hampered by tradition.

(2) This is the Ismaili hajj. Everyone should seek to see the imam both in person and spiritually.

(3) Every imam is Allah’s Noor which first manifested itself as Ali the first imam of this cycle. So every imam is Ali.

(4) This referes to the Koran.

(5) The Ismailis have the only living imam of all the branches of Shiism. Other branches whose imam has gone into occultation stagnate at the level where the imam disappeared.



  1. bydirigible said,

    really nice. i’ve tried translating the Anant Akhado into spanish (from english translation), and the feel is very similar to this. it should be translated into gujarati.

  2. Arlene Batada said,

    Please don’t post such things online because the non-Ismailis create a havoic by reading such things. This is a prayer of Batuni concept which they won’t understand.

    • Doulat Karim said,

      i do not believe on it even i am ismaili, it is impossible to give god’s status or Ali’s status to him, i come to know that he is a fake imam and is part of a network of illuminati ,who practice mind control and brain washing to control and even enslave some innocent people. i decided to convert know

      • star1 said,

        Ismailis are never told to read Quran even though it is easy to understand. Shirk is the biggest sin : making a partner to Allah. How can a human being grant ur wishes ? In the first verse or Quran everyone says about Allah “You alone we worship, u alone we seek for help” THen why do u ask the imam for everything. Please answer this question. Dnt try to make confusion with all the other stuff u got taught. The Quran also says when truth comes up against falsehood, falsehood perishes “

      • Missionary Khoja said,

        masha allah true its a full of shirk against quran and islam

      • rehmat KARIM said,

        go to hell we do not need such type of people

  3. afzal wali said,

    is it really true about the change in our prayers.plz give a correct response.do we start to recite it in our prayer times????

  4. walter said,

    unbelievable! how one can even think that he is “better than written guidance” – kur’an… astaqfurullah…

  5. LAUREL ASTON said,

    The Agha Khan is part of a network of illuminati ,who practice mind control and brain washing to control and even enslave some innocent people. I was a producer in Hollywood a cover for CIA/MILITARY crimes and activity. I represented the Agha Khan in the Hollywood Beverly Hills community,and did a tv show with Sheila, Washington head of AKF .An offer was made to me by Ike Lolgi and his cousin Aziz ,who is close to Agha Khan. That I could go to Aglemont to study with Zara and then take over as a foundation head. I was also asked to produce the Golden Jubile in LA for which Agha Khan was going to come to LA . I was then told the truth ….I had been illegally trafficed by criminal free masons in the US military ,who went into service to avoid prison. And that the truth was I was born in Kenya (Swahili was my native language I spoke it until age 5 ) that I was not merely a carbon copy of the Agha Khan by accident.I was monitored by Khan personally and given oppurtunity because I am his biological daughter.

  6. LAUREL ASTON said,

    I had at age 4 ,been given into MKULTRA military mind control slavery .For a wide variety of political reasons. I was for purpose of shattering and controling my mind as a baby ,raped tortured drugged electrocuted and suffered sexual humiliation in group settings.All to turn me into a robotic mindcontrolled child and later adult assassin spy soldier. I was a child caught in between power mad lunatics who have used MKULTRA tactics for centuries. While in HOLLYWOOD (run by CIA/USMILITARY ) I was used for military purposes, the famous Hollywood producer Laurel Aston was merely a cover.I am currently RED FLAGGED at the highest level and on a no fly list ,unable to leave US or work legally .My life is hell. I have attorneys but I am stalled at every turn. I am a political prisoner of USA,I was also used by my biological father Agha Khan, for his own political reasons , Now I want to know WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO TO FREE ME ? Or is he simply going to stand by and watch,and pretend he is innocent of any wrong doing?

  7. LAUREL ASTON said,

    Please believe me when I tell you .Among the world leaders in every organization,things go on at the top .That those at lower levels never hear a whisper of. Men like my father and other billionaires and trillionaires like him ,do not make or keep their money by being sweet soft loving or kind. There is a dark side to them all that would shatter your mind. Open your eyes and minds , read do your own research on me ,and other cases of child military slaves like me. They all usually hail from political families,or fathers who were free masons and violent criminals/pedophiles. FYI.. I am a number on military roles,as are all who are brain washed and mind controlled. I was told by Atif Bhanji Fara his sister ,my former flat mates,and Alesha Lolgi that ALL Ismailis have a number on roles? Is this true ?And if so for what purpose?

  8. LAUREL ASTON said,

    I will leave you on one final note .I worked for the JACKSONS ,and knew Michael. Michael Jackson is a victim of MKULTRA and was run by CIA/NAVY INTEL.just like me. The millions I made in Hollywood were stolen from me my bank accounts wiped out,and my CIA assigned identity burned. Michael Jackson was murdered for his money ,fighting his military handlers, and for speaking out on CIA /ILLUMINATI control of HOLLYWOOD ,within a few short months of speaking out at large concert gatherings. I have advocats such as BISHOP HOSEA BRADLEY who was a 20 year US MILITARY VET and spent 12 years as a detective with the police dept. The Bishop investigated me for months before he brought me on his radio show to speak out on the truth around Michael Jacksons murder ,and child trafficking in the US MILITARY. Please have a listen A LOOK@THE UNKNOWN TO C THE KNOWN ..BEYOND THE VEIL blog talk radio.

  9. Mirdad Khan Mirdad Khan said,

    do not believe on it even i am ismaili, it is impossible to give god’s status or Ali’s status to him, i come to know that he is a fake imam and is part of a network of illuminati ,who practice mind control and brain washing to control and even enslave some innocent people. i decided to convert know

    • umer said,

      my dear mirdad, just prove that agha khan is not belongs to hazrat ali. Am also a muslim i can must beleave imam like only agha khan can be imam in the world. Dear mirdad you can not say that imam.khan is not ikhan

  10. Arlene Batada said,

    @ Umer:

    Don’t get into debates with these people. It’s verily true that Imam is the direct heir of Prophet Muhammad , Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Bibi Fatima (Peace be upon them). And we also have Prophet’s Hadiths and Aayats from the Holy Quran which clearly tell us that our Imam is the right interpreter of Quran and the rightful heir of the Prophet and Hazrat Ali.

    But, these people are not interested in understanding Faith, but are interested in debating and proving their false point. So, it’s like giving an explaination of voice to a deaf person.

    Allah tells in Surah Al-Baqarah :

    “Inna allatheena kafaroo sawaonAAalayhim aanthartahum am lam tunthirhum layu/minoon” Meaning:

    “As to those who reject Faith, it is the same to them whether thou warn them or do not warn them; they will not believe.”

  11. doulat karim said,

    noor maulana shah karim al hussaini is my imam , or agar koie prove karta ha ki ye imam hazrat ali ki nasal se nahi to ajaw maidan ma , plz first study then give your comments , or hazrat muhammad pph ka kutha ka b ma ghulam hn, agar os ke aal ko koie bura kehta ha to os ka anjam kya hoga zara sochyie

  12. star1 said,


  13. servant of Allah said,

    SubhanAllah! Glorified and Exalted is Allah, the only one worthy of worship. My Ismaili friends, consider this. Who created you? Who gave you that piece of flesh that beats non stop for 80 years? Who is it that gave you a brain – a collection of neurons that allows you to think, love, hate, remember and more? Who is it that has created this earth, the sun, moon, stars that are light years away? Was it Aga Khan? Aga Khan was born from a mother and father like you and I. So is it fitting then to worship him as your creator? Will you not reflect? How can Aga Khan answer your call when he is in France. He was created by Allah just like you and I with 2 ears. Allah created the earth, the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars. Allah created you and I. Allah gave us what we have and He can take it when He wishes.

    Don’t you recite Surah Al-Ikhlaas in your du’a 3 times a day: Qul Huwa Allahu Ahad. Allahu Samad. Lam yulid, wa lam yu lad, wa lam yakullahu kufuwwan ahad? Allah says: Say He is Allah, the One, the Unique. He needs none but all of creation needs Him. He was not born of any one nor did He give brith. And there is none that is equal to Him. Reflect on these verses my friends. Allah is one, and He is unique. There is none like Him. How can Aga Khan be Allah or have the ‘noor’ of Allah when Allah swt himself says there is none like Allah. Allah is as-Samad – needs no one but all need Him. Aga Khan is human, he needs food to survive, this food comes from where? It is Allah that provides created rice grains and provided rain so that rice grows so that Aga Khan can eat. Allah has no children – Aga Khan has 4. Allah swt has no parents, Aga Khan has a mother and a father. It is not Aga Khan that you should be worshiping but it is Allah. Ponder over these few words. Lastly I call upon you to worship none but Allah and to obey Him and affirm that Muhammad (pbuh) is his Messenger

  14. A Muslim said,

    Dear brother,
    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

    Seeking help from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Imams (pbut) is known as Tawassul, which means intercession. It is a religious practice in which a Muslim seeks nearness to Allah.

    Allah (swt) says:
    “O you who believe! Fear Allah and seek an approach unto Him…”
    (Holy Qur’an 5:35)

    Here, Allah (swt) asks His believers to seek an approach so that the believer can reach Him.

    There were many other historical incidences where Hazrat Ali was always at the Prophet’s side working to forward the cause of Allah.

    One of those incidents include the war at the war at Khyber, when no one was able to go even near that fort. Hazrat Ali had stayed behind, and when the Muslims were losing hopelessly, Prophet Muhammad called for the help of Hazrat Ali in his prayer to Allah. Ya Ali Bilutfika Adrikani! O Ali, come to my help by Thy Favor! Hazrat Ali came riding and to the rescue of his team; he held the door of the fort across the moat, miraculously, with one arm, until all the Muslims had crossed over. This resulted in victory for the Muslims. Songs and Qawalis about this victory abound in the Muslim world even today.

    Hazrat Ali (pbuh) has received numerous titles frm which two of them are “Mushkil Kusha” and “Sher E Khuda”.

    The Imams who are from the lineage of Prophet (pbuh) and Hazrat Ali (pbuh) are their heir. So there is nothing wrong in asking them for help and making them the intercessors .

    Here’s a wonderful Qawali from the film Nakhuda:

    Wa Salaam.

  15. servant of Allah said,

    Wa alaikum as salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    There is a difference in calling upon someone who is alive on the battlefield with you asking him for help than calling upon a person who is dead or who is hundreds or thousands of kilometers away and has no possible way of hearing your call. The issue is that the Ismaili’s worship a man instead of worshiping Allah. The prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was sent to mankind to establish the religion of Islam and bring people out of the worship of men, stones, and other false deities to the worship of Allah, the Exalted.

    Ismaili’s ask Aga Khan for forgiveness. No person, thing, or deity has the power to forgive sins except Allah, the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. They also seek forgiveness from Aga Khan’s appointees in the Chanto ceremony on Chaandraat and in other majalis. How can an appointee have the authority to forgive sins if the Prophet pbuh didn’t even have that authority. Yes, the Prophet pbuh asked Allah to forgive his companions but the Prophet pbuh did not outright claim to forgive sins himself. Forgiveness is only with Allah. In addition, Ismaili’s ask Ali (radi Allahu anh – May Allah be pleased with him) for forgiveness. Ali, as great of a companion and leader that he was, is dead. He cannot hear us, see us, speak to us and he cannot forgive us. So Ismaili’s ask Aga Khan, Ali, and Aga Khan’s appointees for forgiveness all the while forgetting that Allah is the only one to that can forgive. Is it not time that we turn back to Allah, the Most Merciful, the One who does not die, the One we needs no one but all creation needs Him?

  16. A Muslim said,

    Dear brother,

    I would like to tell you one thing, that when we are talking of people believing Aga Khan as Allah (swt), it is their own personal belief. I agree that there are people out there who believe Aga Khan to be Allah (swt) but, it is not a part of their Ismaili tariqah. Aga Khan himself has never made any such claim. All he says is that he is the direct descendent of Prophet Muhammad (swt) and Imam Ali (swt). I’ve many Ismaili friends which disagree with the notion of Imam as Allah (swt).

    Regarding the question of asking Imam or Prophet for forgiveness, Shias from all over the world believe Imams to be divine. There are many shrines of the Imams all over the world where the Shias visit.

    Just as I said before, asking Imams and Prophet for forgiveness of sins is called tawassul and is not known as shirk. If you claim tawassul to be shirk, then you are questioning the belief of all the Shias n the globe. Allah (swt) has made Imams and Prophet divine. Allah (swt) have given them the right for the forgiveness because they are closest to him.

    Allah (swt) says:
    “……and ask protection for those who believe…….”. (Surah Ghafir Ayat 7.)

    The greatest believers are the Imams (pbut) and the Prophet (pbuh). So, what’s wrong if a person asks for protection of sins from his/her Imam?

    Allah (swt) says:
    “Of their wealth, take offerings (sadaqatan), so that YOU MAY PURIFY AND SANCTIFY THEM (tutahhiruhum wa tuzakkeehim). And send blessings/prayers (salli ‘alayhim) upon them. Verily they prayers/blessings (salataka) are a source of peace for them.” (Sura Tauba Ayat 103.)

    In the above verse, Allah (swt) gave right to the holy Prophet (pbuh) to take sadaqa and also Purify them. And Imams are the heir to the Prophet (swt) according to Shia doctrine. Which implies the Imams have the right to purify the mu’mins.

    It doesn’t matter where the person is an Ismaili, or an Ithna Asheri or a Bohri, Shia belief remain the same. They don’t take Imam to be Allah (swt), but take him as their intercessor.

    • servant of Allah said,

      It may very well be their own personal belief, however Aga Khan has not taken any steps to correct that belief. Regardless of if an Ismaili believes Aga Khan to be Allah or not, once an Ismaili asks Aga Khan for forgiveness this is undoubtedly shirk. The reason this is shirk is because you are seeking forgiveness from someone other than Allah. Allah, the Exalted is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful. He alone has the ability to forgive our sins and it is to Him alone that we should repent. Ascribing divinity to Prophets and Messengers is shirk. There is nothing divine except Allah. The Prophet Muhammad pbuh never once claimed divinity. He is a Messenger and a Prophet.

      Surah Ghafir, Ayah 7 reads in full as follows: “Those angels who carry the Throne and those around it Exalt Allah with praise of their Master and believe in Him and ask forgiveness for those who have believed saying: ‘Our Master, You have encompassed all things in mercy and knowledge, so forgive those who have repented and followed Your way and protect them from the punishment of the Hellfire'”. In this ayah, Allah swt tells us of Angels who are around the Throne of Allah who are constantly praising Allah and who ask Allah to forgive the believers. Note the ayah does not condone asking other people for forgiveness, rather the ayah explains that the angels are asking Allah to forgive the believers. I can ask Allah to forgive you, but I cannot ask you to forgive me. That is shirk. Asking Aga Khan to forgive your sins is complete shirk. A Shia asking their Imam to forgive them is shirk. Any person asking another for forgiveness is shirk. How can an Imam protect you against Allah. This is the same logic Quraish had before the Prophet came to them. They had their gods that they thought would protect them against Allah and would intercede on their behalf with Allah. Why ask them for forgiveness when you can simply ask Allah for forgiveness. There is no clergy or middle man in Islam, we have the ability to seek forgiveness and protection in the One who is the Best of Protectors and the Most Merciful – Allah.

      When an Ismaili part takes in the Chaanto ceremony this is shirk because you are asking a mukhi or kamedia for forgiveness. When an Ismaili part takes in paanch bar saal, or life, or roshni, or fidai mandli this is shirk because they are dedicatin their life to Aga Khan. When they part take in Mawlano rojo this is undoubtedly shirk because they are fasting for the sake of Aga Khan/the Imam. Fasting is only for Allah. What difference is there between an Ismaili that fasts half a day for Aga Khan and a person from Quraish that lived at the time of the Prophet and fasted/served/revered their idol?

  17. A Muslim said,

    Brother would you deny the Aayats I’ve quoted earlier from Quran-E-Pak?

    The mijalis they attend are for the service to their current Imam. In Shia Islam, love for Imams (pbut) and the Prophet (pbuh) plays a very important role. Just the way people used to do all sorts of jobs for the Prophet (pbuh) and we, the Shias along with that also served Hazrat Ali (pbuh), so are they. They are doing that for their current Imam. It is their love for their Imam. When did love have a synonym “shirk” in Islam?
    Taking Aga Khan to be one’s Imam is upon the individual, but service and love for the Imam has been a part of Shia Islam.

    Islam is a diverse religion and has many interpretations. It is upon the individual to choose between the interpretations.According to non-Shia interpretation this may not be accepted, but according to Shia doctrine, this is perfectly valid.

    • servant of Allah said,

      I do not deny the ayat that you quoted. In fact I quoted the complete ayah and explained it in detail. I can understand that love plays an important role. However there is a fine line between love and shirk. I love Allah and His Messenger and my love is manifested in my obedience to Allah and following the Messenger. Claiming to love the messenger but not following him is not love.

      Allah swt says in Surah Al-Baqarah, ayah 165: “And among the people are those who take other than Allah as equal to Him. They love them as they should love Allah. But those who believe are stronger in their love for Allah. And if only they who have wronged would consider that when they see the punishment, they will be certain that Power belongs to Allah and that Allah is severe in punishment”.

      You see, loving your Imams can become shirk as it has for the Ismailis. Why not direct your love for Aga Khan to Allah? Ismailis obey Aga Khan and forget about the commands and rights of Allah. What Allah has forbidden Aga Khan has made permissible. Obeying a person to such an extent is setting that person up as an equal to Allah and this is shirk. It doesn’t matter if the person is Ismaili, Shia, or Sunni. Anytime a person sets up a rival with Allah this is shirk. In the case of Ismaili’s, Aga Khan is taken to be Allah. Take the following ginan widely recited in JamaatKhana’s – Allah Ek Khasam Subukaa where the following is written:

      ejee aal alee islaamshaah raajaa, allaah ehee imaam
      peer bhanne sadardeen kahet kabeerdeen

      Mawlana Islamshaah who is the progeny of Aly is the King. Allah is indeed the Imaam.
      This is taught by Peer Sadardeen and is stated (confirmed) by Peer Hassan Kabeerdeen

      This is clear shirk! Your love of Aga Khan and Ali has become shirk. Allah is the only on worthy of worship! Glorified and Exalted is Allah above all that you ascribe to Him! We will need to answer to Allah when we die, it is to Him we will return. Worship Allah and only Allah. Follow His guidance and the teachings of His Prophet and you will have success in this life and the next. Allah swt has forbidden paradise for those who commit shirk (Surah Al Ma’idah, ayah 72)

      • A Muslim said,

        In that case how about waiting for the day of Judgement and let Allah(swt) himself decide? He knows what is in the heart of his Mu’mins. There’s no point in discussing any further. By the way, I’ve read the Kalma of Ismailis. The first line says “I witness that there is no diety except Allah(swt)”.

        Khuda Hafiz

  18. Guest said,

    O Ali, help me:

  19. Agakhani said,

    That’s a wonderful song. Ya Ali Madad. These non-Shias will never understand the divinity of Imams.

  20. خرید vpn said,

    thank you

  21. ali said,


  22. ali said,

    does someone have a copy of the book, kalaam e imam e mubin ?

  23. abdullah said,

    A better book to read would the be Kalaam of your Rubb – your Master – the Qur’an. This is His Kalaam, His word – a Kalaam that is higher than the kalaam of the imam. For Allah is our Master and the Master of your Imam. Allah created your Imam, Allah sustains your Imam, Allah provides food for your Imam to eat, Allah provides your Imam with a roof over his head, Allah granted your Imam life, and Allah will grant your Imam death.

    Your imam is nothing more than a human, created, like you and I. Allah has the right to be worshipped and obeyed. No person, no diety, no being has the right to be worshipped but Allah – the Creator, the Sustainer, the First, the Last, the One who needs none but all of creation need Him.

    • alidali2014 said,

      Abdullah , you are absolutely correct that ALLAH is above all and no one has the right of worship. Then why the dua old and new seeks mercy, help and forgiveness from the imam ?

      • abdullah said,

        That is a good question Ali. Think about it for a minute – who wrote the old and new dua? Both dua’s were written by the Imams of their respective time. So essentially, the Imam by authoring the dua, is saying seek mercy, help, and forgiveness through me. Allah the only worthy of worship. Allah is our Master. It is only He who can forgive sins, it is only He who can bestow mercy on His slaves. No person can forgive the sins of another. Not even the Prophet (peace be upon him) was able to do this. The Prophet pbuh sought Allah’s forgiveness for the believers and individuals, but he did not ever claim to forgive the sins of the believers.

        The imam has crossed all limits by asking his followers to seek forgiveness through himself. The imam is in France, he has no way to hear the supplications of an Ismaili in Canada. He has been given 2 ears and 2 eyes by Allah just like you and I have. The imam is only human like you and I.

  24. ramossteele3124 said,

    Wow. The Jlab’s online. Finally into the 21st century…new computers, new software, the internet…the Spirit is progressing. I’ve add your URL to my blo Click http://d2.ae/hool09080

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