A Batini interpretation of The Sprites 72.16-18

August 20, 2006 at 2:12 pm (personal interpretations, Uncategorized)

(16) If they would only keep straight along the highway,
We will let them drink plenty of water
(17) so We may test them by means of it;
while it will lead anyone away to mounting torment
who avoids mentioning his Lord.
(18) Mosques belong to God,
so do not appeal to anyone besides God (in them).

An Ismaili friend I met over the Internet pointed out this passage to me as pointing to the latter Khoja Ismaili rite of Ab-e-shifa (‘water of purity”). The rite of Ab-e-shifa consists of drinking water blessed by the current Imam of the Time. This is done daily after prayers (dua) and on special occassions like Chandraat. It is symbolic of cleansing the soul of karmic impurities which are created by everyone in the course of their everyday
lives. One takes up the cup of niyaz, offering prayers for other Ismailis and
oneself, then saying “Farman” drinks the Ab-e-shifa.

“It is only when you drink Niyaz with complete and true faith that your heart
will be cleansed.” Imam Aga Khan III

If they would only keep straight along the highway,

Islam is often called the straight path, which in modern terms is ahighway. It is the simplest way to liberation for most people. Therea are many believers who have started on the path to knowledge of Allah. Many fall away form this highway detouring into blind paths and alley ways. Often well meaning individuals retreat into the safety of fundamentalism and its ideology of absolute unchanging truth. This verse is a warning to such believers.

To keep to a straight path is to go straight towards a destination. The aim of Islam is to awaken to one’s fundamental unity with Allah. This destination, tho
transcendent, has a foci in this world and that is the imam-e-zaman, i.e., Imam of the Time. So to keep straight is to put into practice the farmans of the current Imam.

We will let them drink plenty of water
so We may test them by means of it;

The rite of Ab-e-shifa is not part of Sunni Islam as it has been handed down in our times. So this rite is a great stumbling block for those non-Ismaili Muslims who
first hear about it. This verse points that this rite is a test, a test of true community. All Ismailis share in
the drinking of niyaz daily. To share niyaz means that all Ismailis must come together as a group daily in their jamatkhanas. It is a major symbol of unity and union; a symbol of the reality of tawhid.

This verse also points to the Ismaili division of people spiritually into three
classifications: people of opposition (enemies of the imam-e-zaman), people of order (regular believers) and people of union. Those who oppose the imam-e-zaman separate themselves from the ongoing Qiyamat and have to continually experience rebirth. One should remember, that the people of opposition are in a state of spiritual non-existence
(which is the real meaning of hell). Tho, given time all people will enter into the Qiyamat and Hell itself will empty.

Jim Davis



  1. Seemin Momin said,

    i have a question
    okay the little jar that dips into the large bowl and then that little jar pours the niyaz into the 8 smaller cups does that little jar have some kinof of meaning or something cause like the ingredents in the surkrit stand for something so i thought maybe that little jar would also stand for something
    if u have any answers to my question please reply back

  2. Ahmad said,

    To Seemin Momin

    The Niyad in those 8 small cups or the poured jar represent the divine water. Kudavan Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah (as) said in one of his Farman: If a sharyati momin looks at the Niyad he sees nonw but just a water. If a Huqqati momin looks at the Niyad he sees none but NOOR.

    One who is advanced in his Ibadat will see NONE but noor in the Niyad non in the human physical body but his soul.

    To elevate to the highest stage of spirituality, you require to:

    >manage your ego and mind through worship and Meditation
    >Be humble and our acting suppose to be pure withing our heart.
    >Serve others for serving is very important in Islam
    >Being generous, make brotherhood and sisterhood amount other faiths
    > Always thinks positive and seek the truth knowledge and recognize the Beloved [Imam of the TIME] and etc………

    Then Inshallah if God will, we all will reach our destination

  3. Parvin said,

    What I think is, 8 piyali is a symbol of Momin. The big bowl is imam (Noor). And poured jar is Pir. It means Pir is passing the Noor to Momin. And sukhrit means naik aamal.

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