A Few points concerning the Following article

August 12, 2006 at 1:19 pm (ethnic Ismailis, Uncategorized)

1. Ismailis pray du’a three times a day. It could be that the Chinese Ismailis pray twice a day due to circumstances not mentioned in the article.

2. Ismaili’s worship in jamatkhanas and not mosques

3. Ismailis only have one Imam at any given time. They do not call the leadership of their jamatkhanas “imams” which is a Sunni Muslim tradition.

4. Ismailis are also forbidden to drink alcholol tho they have no shariah system in inact penalities for those who choose to do otherwise. In practice, its basically an individual choice (you would be surprised at the number of Sunnis who drink in the West).  



  1. AbdulHaq said,

    you would be surprised at the number of Sunnis who drink in the West).

    Is it a consolation for you to find a considerable number of Sunnis drinking alocohol in the West and thus feather in the cap of Ismailism? If tomorrow all the Sunnis stopped drinking then would it detract some thing from Ismailism? For you & me anybody calling himself a muslim and drinking alochol should be a matter of concern (unless it allows it and I don’t call it Islam of any ISM) Don’t you think so?

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