Qiyamat Day August 8th 1164

August 8, 2006 at 5:35 am (poems, Uncategorized)

A post of an old poem I wrote about the Qiyamat:


Catching glimpses of gnostic insight;

inuitive lightning illuminates my soul.

Deep inside,

I can still hear the thunder,

the voice of Imam Hasan II,

the Lord of the Resurrection.

Banners blowing in the wind,

he issues a call to us

to join the feast.

He removed from us the burdens of the law

proclaiming the Qiyamat (the Great Resurrection),

he shared his wine with us.

Even now the wine still pours,

the resurrection of resurrections has not ceased.

Awakening to faith is freedom from oppression

in this body, in this time.

by Jim Davis



  1. Ahmed Jami Sakhi said,

    Dear Editor,

    I think this poem refers to the “declaration of lifting of some of the Islamic Shria (injunctions) from the Ismilis by Imam Hasan Ala Zhikr His Salam during the Almut period in Iran.
    May you please clarify the background further to me. Or it relates to some other event.

  2. Al-Muslima said,

    It was very amazing and mystery poem of Jim Davism based on Qayamat in Alamut.
    It was too amazing that I too heard and learned a lot on Shia Islamic Ismailism Muslim.
    Their History and Doctrine were too amazing, especially in Fatimat period and Alamut. The saddest part of their History was after the destruction of the Alamut Empire by the Mongol Empireor under the ruler of the Chingis khan who ruled half of the World later on.
    After all, that the Ismaili Muslim were hiding from persecution of Mongol and later on of the orthodox Muslims, the Ismaili Muslim revival in 18 century by the first AGA KHAN who later on moved to India. Today, the Ismaili Muslim living over 25 countries with the guiding of their present Imam AGA KHAN IV, who is directed descending of Prophet Mohammad(a.s.a) and his son in law Imam Ali(as) and his daughter Hazrat Fatima Zahra.

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