Encyclopaedia of Ismailism

August 6, 2006 at 8:15 pm (Book Reviews, Uncategorized)

Recieved this text of Muntaz Ali Tajddin Sadik Ali a few months back but due to moving had not really got around to reading it until just a few days ago. It looks very good on historical detail which is to be expected from one who has written a history of Ismailism which can be accessed on the Hertiage site. The text did not go into the detail that I would have liked to have seen in its explanation of doctrines and practices. I was kind of suprised also by some of the names of people who sponsored the text (small world).

PLease feel free to leave comments. This is my first attempt at a Ismailism Blog



  1. Arif said,

    Jim, excellent idea to start this blog up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Aziz said,

    I echo Arif’s sentiments Jim!

    “”The text did not go into the detail that I would have liked to have seen in its explanation of doctrines and practices.””—- Jim

    Perhaps these are covered in other publications by IIS, However from some of the excerpts you feel he has done more than adequate job explaining the under lying principles associated with the doctrines and practices and It is History which is more emphasised, He is very well respected and knowledgeable scholar from what I have heard. Take care Jim.

    Regards Aziz

  3. Akbarally Meherally said,

    Jim; have you now officially joined the community of the followers of Karim Aga Khan or continue to pull the strings as an outsider? Do you go to Ismaili Jamatkhanas and paricipate in their religious activites as an Ismaili?

  4. Farida B said,

    Wonderful poem on Qiyamat Day! It is truly from the heart, JIm, and shows that Ismailism touches ALL hearts, if they will…. Regardless of race, upbringing….and chosen spiritual path(s) to our Creator, ismailism welcomes all who seek truely!!

    You are a great role-model in mutli-pluralism! Keep it up!

  5. Chacha Bahadur said,

    I am not Shocked with the comments peoples post in here, its always make me laugh, In very young age i heard a popular comment ‘Cutting a finger may add your name in the list of Dead Soliders’ its always Hits on my mind when peoples pick ismailies as an non Muslims… “Just imagine yourself Below to your west” It wil explain the entire story, which may convert this site into other category, Peoples with the Low life… surely looks like you 🙂

  6. Balatkari Baba said,

    I am borred with maherly comments, every time he seems a cryer. Uncle stop crying out, it seems a dog barking in the rain. “Please Save me from the Rain”.

    Go Away…

  7. Ahmad said,

    Jim Inshallah will be the new Hasan Bin Sabah. Thank you Jim for this new Blog and sharing knowledge. May God bless your and increase your knowledge.

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